MyHTSpace serves as an exclusive portal designed for Harris Teeter employees. Within the My HT Space Login portal, employees can conveniently access various services and selected benefits, while administrators have the ability to monitor employees and provide necessary assistance. This official platform enables employees to carry out their work effectively and fosters a worker-friendly environment.

If you are facing some login issues at My ht space or want to know the whole signup process for My ht space, then you have come to the right place. We will let you know how to do it so you won’t have difficulty accessing your Myhtspace account.

You can also access all the benefits using the My Ht Space App.


To sign in to your account, you have to follow some steps. But before telling you what they are and how to log in to your myhtspace account, just read it carefully.

Myhtspace is specifically created for its employees.

Harris Teeter strives to be a great place to work, have fun, and make a difference in the communities they serve. To help accomplish this, we created an online space for our employees called Myhtspace This easy-to-use online space allows you to find information that may interest you quickly. You can also share your opinions with other HT team members.

Purpose of My HT Space

Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets that operates in the Southeast. Online shoppers can utilize resources from Harris Teeter, like the option to buy groceries online. by introducing My ht Space, the organization wanted to add extra value for its employees by providing services through the website. Employees can use it for their personal use or professional purposes. Different membership levels with benefits vary according to which group you have: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Harris teeters employee login for unregistered employees.


If you are an employee at my Harris Teeter but have not registered yourself at Myhtspace follow these steps to sign in:

Step 1. Visit the official website

For sign-in, the first thing that you have to do is to visit the official website of MyHTSpace through some trusted browsers. Here are some trusted browsers that you can use to access the official website by using your Android phone or your PC:

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera

Step 2. Click on Sign in

Now on the official web page, you will see a button with Sign an indication. If you click that button, you will be directed to a new webpage where you will be asked whether you are a registered user or a new user, and then click on the new user.

Step 3. Get yourself registered

Now follow these instructions to get registered to Myhtspace

When you click Register, you’ll be redirected to a new web page where you will be asked for personal details.

In this registration process, there are four sections, namely

  • Higher Education
  • Come up with
  • Please reconfirm
  • Click here

To be a user, one must fill in the first part of the necessary information:

  • Myhtspace Company Key: Sensitive information must be requested from your MYHTSPACE Company performance supervisor if you do not have access.
  • Social Security Number (SSN): this is the nine-digit number assigned to you upon registration.
  • Enter your date of birth in the given format: M/D/Y…Now you’ll want to click Next.
  • In the Create section, you must specify the username and password to log into the portal. In addition, they ask for an active email account, to which you will receive the notification that your account is confirmed.
  • From there, click continue and then fill out the confirmation section. You must click the Confirm button if you see everything below and are confident in the information you entered.
  • Here, you will be rerouted to the login page. Once there, you must submit the page.

Step 4. Now click on Login


Now click on the login button as you have registered, and you will be redirected to a new web page.

Step 5. Provide the required information

Here you will be asked to provide your username and password. Remember that the username and password must be the same as you used during the registration process; otherwise, you won’t be able to sign in.

Step 6. Now click on the Sign-in

After providing the password and username, click on Sign in, and you are all done. You will get access to your account, where you can see all the information you purchased, the bills you have paid, etc.

Harris Teeters employee login for registered employees.

If you have already registered at Myhtspace then follow these steps to sign in:


Step 1. Check your internet connection

The first step is to check whether the Internet connection is working on his device. If the Internet is not working, you won’t be able to sign in at the Myhtspace portal. So before you start, ensure your internet connection is secure and working correctly.

Step 2. Visit www.myhtspace

To log into Myhtspace, you must first visit the official website of Myhtspace through some trusted browsers, 

Step 3. Click on Sign in

Click on the Sign in button on the official web page. You will be taken to a new page where you will be asked whether you are a registered user or a new user.

Step 4. Provide the required information

Please enter your username and password. Make sure you enter your original credentials for registration – if not, you won’t be able to log in.

Step 4. Now click on the Sign-in

Then click on the Sign in button, and you will get access to your account, where you can see all the information and easy access to online shopping at Myhtspace.

Resolving Sign in issues

  • First, you’ll want to open the browser, and then, if possible, you can use a different browser to try. For example, you can change from Mozilla to Google Chrome or vice versa when either browser has issues loading.
  • If possible, try accessing your account on a different device, like switching from your tablet to your laptop.
  • In addition to that, you may need to remove cache files to improve internet connectivity with the MyHTSpace portal website.
  • To ensure that you have internet access, you must ensure that the Wi-Fi works and is always operational.

My Harris teeter space: Change the password.


If you have security issues or some reasons you want to change your password then follow the instructions to change your password.

Myhtspace login setting up the new password

Step 1. Open your profile and go to Settings

Step 2. Click on Change Password and enter your current password in the first field, Current Password. 

Step 3. Enter your desired new password in the second field labeled New Password. 

Step 4. Re-enter your new password in the third field labeled Confirm New Password. 

Step 5. Choose a security question from the list of possible questions, answer it, and click Continue. Choose an answer to verify you are human and click Verify Answer. Congratulations! Your new password is now set. 

You can now log in with your username and your new password!

Resetting the forgotten password

Follow these steps to reset your forgotten password for the Myhtspace login portal.

  • On the MyHTSpacelogin page, select I forgot my username or password from the drop-down menu. 
  • The next screen will ask you for security information, such as your date of birth, your company password or. 
  • Click Next to proceed. 
  • A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.
  • Open that link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

MyHTspace Login requirements

Here we are talking about the requirements for logging in:

To Login at myhtspace, you need a secure internet connection

To gain access to My Htspace, you will need a secure internet connection. Your internet connection should be encrypted with a secure protocol such as HTTPS. 

You need a secure Device

Before you sign in, the employee suggested using your device to log into the company portal, so you know your login information is secure. Your device will provide you with access to your profile, upload and download documents, and share files with others on your team. 

You must be an employee at myhtspace

Once your account is activated, you’ll be able to log into your Employee Portal and access online tools like Getting Started with My Harris Teeter, Weekly Pay Calendar, and Reference Library. 

The information in those sections will help you manage your time better, find easy-to-understand resources on wages and benefits, learn more about company policies, and enjoy other helpful tips.

Know your username and password

Knowing your username and password is essential before trying to log in. If you are unsure of your username, you can look it up by clicking on Forgot your username on the login page. 

Remember that usernames are case-sensitive, so be sure to type it exactly as it is on the page. Can passwords be reset by going to Forgot your password? Section of the login page.

These are all of the requirements for Harris Teeter Employee Portal access. 

Harris Teeter Employee Login Portal Benefits


Harris Teeter offers plenty of ways to save money on your grocery bill, whether through promotions, coupons, or loyalty programs. But did you know that the Harris Teeter employee login portal offers some valuable benefits? It’s true, and these benefits can help you find even more ways to save on your grocery bill. These are some of the practical benefits of Myhtspace!

1) View the required information

Harris Teeter offers a plethora of benefits to its employees. One, in particular, is their employee login portal, which provides employees with quick and easy access to all sorts of information about their benefits. Employees can log in to see their pay stubs, review medical statements, and more.

2) Pharmacy Services

Harris Teeter Pharmacy Services offers a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications. It also has products to help you maintain your health: vitamins, supplements, cold and flu remedies, and more. 

3) Check payments

One of the benefits of having an employee login is that you can keep track of payments. How much have you paid, when was your last payment, and how much time have you left? All this information is available to you with a few simple clicks.

4) View new offers

Employees can view the new offers as soon as they become available. Employees can filter, and sort offers by category, department, or time. Employees can view a list of their current active offers and their expiration dates. Employees can log in from home or online to access the latest deals. 

5) Manage their entire account through this portal

Harris Teeter offers their employees an outlet designed to manage all aspects of their accounts. The most common use for this portal is to view weekly payroll information, print pay stubs, update personal details and benefits, and request time off. 

6) Services for the HR department

The Harris Teeter employee login portal benefits are numerous. The system not only allowed for a central database to store all of the important HR information but also easy salary calculation. The site has an advanced calculator that calculates hours and wages, giving you accurate take-home pay every week. This is a huge benefit for employees who wanted to know how much they earned every month.

7) Promotes teamwork


The Harris Teeter employee portal is an excellent tool for the company, and employees can access it anywhere. This saves time for employees as they won’t have to go back and forth with emails to get things done. It also makes teamwork more accessible, as employees can quickly reach out to their teammates.


Before I talk about myhtspace, it’s essential to know something about Harris teeter, founded by Thomas A Harris in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1931.

Harris Teeter is a supermarket with over two hundred-fifty branches in the southern-eastern US, selling bakery products, dairy products, frozen foods, grocery items, meat, and more. HT employees have access to their MyHTSpacelogin portal and can use it to check into work or get paychecks. Employees can access their personal information and see performance reviews by supervisors.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some important Frequently asked questions:

How does Harris Teeter benefit its employees?

They offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, and opportunities to advance your career. The Harris Teeter culture is focused on excellence, caring, teamwork and respect. They genuinely care about their employees and want them to succeed.

Is there an age limit for joining Harris Teeter or working there?

Yes, The age limit to join Harris Teeter is 16. Employees 17 years of age or older can work at Harris Teeter after completing the online application process.

Who should we contact about the potential Harris Teeter job opportunity?

You can call 704-844-4600 and resolve any application problems. The HR department will be happy to help you.

Are there Harris Teeter gift cards?

The answer is an absolute yes. Employees and customers receive various gift certificates and coupons. 

Conclusive remarks

Harris Teeter has been equipped with MyhtSpace, a beneficial online portal. Quick access to the portal grants harris teeter employees access to many valuable services with just one click. With the help of this portal, the company provides an environment that fosters good interactions among employees.

Above you’ll find information on how to sign up for and access our MyhtSpace account. Please see the steps listed above. Harris Teeter employees are also given an understanding of easy-to-use features.